Yoga with Rania Dalloul

May 29, 2018

Rania Dalloul’s interest in Yoga has helped her to balance her mind and focus on the essentials of life. As a philanthropist and devoted athlete, Rania Dalloul believes that meditation and yoga are very important for every individual. This discipline helps her focus her mind on things that matter and are essential to life.

Rania Dalloul discovered that the benefit of Yoga is numerous, especially to the body and mind. She practices this discipline to learn special relaxation techniques that will lessen chronic pains after a long week. Considering her busy schedule and the things she is engaged in, Yoga has been of great benefit to her, this discipline lessens the chances of her suffering from headaches, back pain, arthritis, reduce insomnia and lower blood pressure. Yoga has gone a long way to help her maintain a balanced metabolism, keep her cardio and circulatory health and improve her athletic performance.

For Rania Dalloul, yoga is her breakthrough for managing stress. Stress can have a very bad effect on the body and mind of any individual especially for someone like her who engages in a lot of life changing but strenuous activities.

She discovered that the yoga discipline is very effective in improving an individual’s mental wellbeing and makes the person have a more positive outlook on life. Yoga has also helped her achieve clarity, calmness and the ability to concentrate on very strenuous activities. For Rania Dalloul, Yoga is the only way she knows how to relax her mind and sharpen her concentration. She practices two different types of Yoga: Ashtanga and Iyengar Yoga.

Rania Dalloul Yoga Secret

Iyengar Yoga

Have you ever wondered where Rania Dalloul gets the strength and endurance to go through all the activities she is involved in? Iyengar Yoga is the union of the body and mind transforming together. This type of yoga involves postures which help the mind gain clarity and stability. Rania Dalloul respects the teachings of this discipline that is why she has diligently learned the postures in the Iyengar Yoga and has applied them to help her relax and develop self-awareness.

This type of Yoga goes a long way to teach her to profound inward reflection and cultivate the habit of listening to details. Rania Dalloul believes meditation is a way to clear your mind that’s why she practices the Iyengar Yoga. Considering her dedication to learning, she has explored deeper levels of the Iyengar Yoga and has achieved true progress.

Rania Dalloul Yoga Practice

Ashtanga Yoga

Rania Dalloul believes in having a purified body and mind which enables her to get through a lot of her court cases. This particular type of Yoga requires a lot of physical and mental strength to achieve the poses. It also requires complete focus and gives any individual, a sense of purpose. Astanga Yoga also has physical benefits like flexibility, strength, stress management and calmness.

Despite her busy schedule, Rania Dalloul still finds time to do this practice. This practice requires a lot of work and it is required to be done more frequently. To be able to excel in the sporting activity, Rania Dalloul practices this yoga to keep her in shape. Every pose practiced is a step to gaining more swift and graceful movements. Considering that she has been doing this Yoga for a long time, she has dedicated her time to learn each level as she goes further in the practice levels.  

There are so many benefits of getting involved in a Yoga practice and Rania Dalloul has discovered these benefits as she practices Astanga and Iyengar Yoga. Once she is through with her Yoga, she loves to take some quiet time to meditate. She believes that to get a focused mind, yoga and meditation are the essential factors to achieving this.

Rania Dalloul is a strong advocate for a healthy body and healthy mind. Her lifestyle shows that she believes that exercising and meditating are essential to a healthy growth. The outstanding level of enthusiasm she has about Yoga has made it possible for her to remain focused in anything sets her mind upon. Yoga has given her strength and endurance to go about her day to day activities without feeling discouraged, irrespective of the setbacks of life.